Volunteer and make a difference!

Volunteer effort is absolutely essential to Age Connects Wales, and our member organisations are currently supported by a team of 570 volunteers across the country.

Our diverse volunteer team work directly with older people, provide administrative support and/or help with community fundraising.  Each year, our volunteers commit over 118,000 hours of their time, skills and expertise to improve the lives of local older people. This volunteer commitment has an annual economic value of over £1.6 million and enables us to continue to provide a robust range of free and accessible services.

Can you help?

Volunteering can develop new skills, increase confidence, self-esteem and well-being, and is a great way to help form new friendships. You may want to give something back to your local community, gain valuable work experience, or maybe just want to be more socially and physically active.

“I really feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. It’s enjoyable and keeps me active

“Volunteering has helped me gain valuable experience and changed my career”

If you have any spare time and would like to volunteer, call us today to find out about our exciting volunteering opportunities in your area. No qualifications are required and a range of support and/or training is provided. (0845 305 4134)



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Workshop NSSC – 26th June 2014

National Social Services Conference Wales · Thursday 26th June 2014 Resources for the Age Connects Wales and WIHSC Workshop – ‘The role of voluntary sector independent advocacy services, their contribution to safeguarding’.  Time For Advocacy 2014 NIA Guide – web version  Advocacy-Speaking-up-for-you