About Us

Connecting People, Connecting Wales

Age Connects Wales is a social enterprise made up of six local, independent Age Connects organisations
with over 40 years’ experience supporting older people and their carers in Wales. Together, our member organisations support around 45,000 clients within 11 of the 22 local authority areas in Wales.
We operate in some of the most socially and economically deprived areas in Wales. Therefore, it is crucial that what we say and do reflects the challenges of those in greatest need. We’re engaged in local communities, delivering services, with a long history and expertise in working with older people to understand the challenges they face.

Our aim is to provide people in Wales aged 50 plus with the assistance, support and services they need to live a healthier, more active and independent life. Age Connects Wales has committed to work together to help change society’s view on age, to one where older age is regarded as a stage in life as valuable and important as any other. We’re willing to challenge the cultural and organisational attitudes to older people in Wales.

We’re willing to be robust in arguing positively about the place in our society for older people. Using our collective voice and by coordinating our services to our clients, Age Connects Wales is stronger. We can now proudly deliver a wide array of services that meet the needs of our clients, and importantly stand shoulder to shoulder to speak on behalf of our service users to instigate change for them for the better.

However, it is important to us that each of our six parts remains independent and with community at their core. Each organisation will continue to focus their efforts on delivering outstanding local services for older people in their local area - but together we have the ability to stand as one as we work with government, local authorities, fellow charities and organisations to improve services for older people in Wales. We are developing an organisation that collaborates with others whilst also supporting volunteering within and outside Age Connects Wales.

Representation at numerous forums and stakeholder groups ensure that we are well informed and maximise opportunities to improve the lives of older people. Age Connects Wales member’s services are designed with, and for, older people by engaging with carers, volunteers, service commissioners and health and social care professionals. We’re about developing a role that goes beyond the issue of health and social care, to one that examines how older people access information, what their experiences of services are, and how their lives are affected by organisations.
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