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Mary's Story

  • By Business Sorted
  • 14 Jul, 2017
Care and support in the community

The Challenge (themes of 2014 Act)

  • Well-being and personal outcomes 
  • Co-productions
  • New models of care
  • Voice and control for people
  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Information, advice and assistance
  • Proportionate assessment, eligibility and care planning
  • Integration, partnership and co-operation
  • Safeguarding and protection
  • Advocacy

Client Group

  • Care and support for older person living in the community´╗┐

Personal Circumstances

Mary is 75 years old who states that she has suffered from anxiety for many years, has poor health and that her conditions deteriorate over the weekend. Following the death of her son, there now remains limited family interaction. Mrs. X made multiple calls and visits to NHS Services. She was abusive towards health care staff and portrayed inappropriate behaviors towards other service users and is not responding to interventions to reduce use of services. She declines to accept any diagnosis and will attend other health care providers until she gets the response she wants. Mrs. X has had numerous investigations all with a satisfactory outcome.

What action was taken (arrangements) 

Age Connects’ Community Liaison Officer (CLO) represented Mrs. X at a multi-disciplinary team meeting where she was able to discuss her actions. The team agreed to monitor the situation and initially there was a good response.  However, the Community Mental Health Team deemed that Mrs. X had insight and capacity to make decisions. In discussions with South Wales Police the team felt that Mrs. X's behavior did constitute an anti-social element, and it would be reasonable, should things not improve, to pursue this course of action.

Age Connects’ (CLO) explained the ramifications of her behavior to Mrs. X and, due to her continued misuse of Emergency Services, an Integrated Management Plan was actioned for her care provision.

This plan required the Emergency Unit, the GP (telephone calls and weekly appointments), Welsh Ambulance Services Trust  and Out of Hours services, to follow the plan with Age Connects to providing daily monitoring, weekly visits and research alternative service interventions.

Age Connects CLO intervention included:

  • Accompanying Mrs. X to appointments, social activities, support groups and therapy sessions,
  • Advocacy to rectify housing issues
  • Explaining alternative housing choices and attending properties viewings
  • Benefit check completed, applications submitted and successful.
  • Private service intervention arranged.
  • Referrals to third sector agencies and to relevant NHS teams
  • Support to access and maintain shopping delivery services.
  • Developing preventative coping strategies to reduce anxiety.
  • Providing information on alternative transport options and holiday/respite breaks.


Mary has displayed an improvement in behavior and has refrained from using Emergency Services inappropriately.  Mary's future goals are to be registered with the same GP practice and meet new friends. These goals appear to be motivating the change in behavior. Pulling together resources from a variety of agencies has contributed to Mary making some positive changes in her interactions, and has resulted in reduced A&E attendances and inappropriate demands on NHS services.  Mary continues to have 'Daily Comfort Calls and a weekly visit from Age Connects.

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By Business Sorted 09 May, 2017

Healthy, comfortable feet are essential, especially for older people and Age Connects Wales’ member organisations Nail Cutting Service has proved to be a revelation for thousands of older people this year. As we age, some people need assistance with cutting their toe/finger nails and arthritic joints and tough overgrown toenails can make wearing shoes and walking comfortably almost impossible.

Most of us do not really give a lot of consideration to having our nails cut, but if you are elderly, suffer from restricted movement, susceptible to infections or conditions such as diabetes, then our nail cutting service could be a very important aspect of your healthcare.

Local Services

With a number of community based clinics operating across our member organisations areas of benefit, specially trained and insured staff and/or volunteers keep people out and about and on their feet. Drop in clinics are available in some areas, and if getting to a local clinic proves difficult, a home visit service is available.

Please note, this is a chargeable service and some medical exclusions apply. Charges currently vary across each member organisation, but you can expect to pay between £10 - £15 for a clinic appointment and £20 - £25 for a home visit. Our charges cover all expenses including single use instruments as advised by NHS Podiatry Services.

Prior to your first appointment, we will need to know about your general health and any medication that you are taking, so a short questionnaire will be necessary. If you have any health conditions which prevent us from assisting you, we will make a direct referral to the NHS Podiatry Service.

The benefits of maintaining good foot health is being felt by thousands of people across Wales each month, and the feedback we are receiving is highlighting that the service is helping older people to remain active, independent and reduce their risk of falls.

Never ignore minor foot problems as they could get worse. F or more information or to book an appointment, please contact your local Age Connects Organisation.

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